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Here at AJT Media, we come across a familiar theme when talking to prospects about their digital marketing.  They often have websites which look great, however still failing to meet expectations in some way.

Picture the scene, you need a website, research web design agencies, review their portfolio and choose a company based on who you think would be best able to convey your brand through creative imagery and typography.

Job done, right?

Not quite. Let me explain.

Web designers are generalists

Web designers have their work cut out for them, they are often expected to not only design great looking sites, but attract traffic, ensure the site is user friendly, that it ranks well, generate leads and increases their clients market share.  

All said and done, they have had to adapt to become digital marketing generalists. That is, they prioritise the design and build of your site, then do what they can in the other disciplines.

This is probably enough to get you started, but it’s not going to be long before the performance of your site falls below that of your ambition.

Is your agency keeping up?

If an agency is keeping up with you, they should be regularly reviewing the campaign, and working with you to answer questions such as:

  • What are your sales targets for this financial year?
  • What is the value of each sale you make, how much can you afford to pay for each lead?
  • Given current website conversion rates, how many website visitors or leads do I need to hit my target?
  • What are the key products or services you wish to promote?

As a result of understanding your business better, a digital marketing specialist can partner with you. Thus being able to create the right approach for your product and ensure investment into campaigns is proportional to your goals.

The end result is that campaigns are far more likely to generate a positive return.

If not, look for a Specialist

If the company currently responsible for running your online offering has not asked you any of the above question recently, consider looking for a digital marketing specialist to take over your campaigns.